Transformational Speaker

From Pain to Power

"It's time to heal yourself through self discovery"

 “I want to do more than motivate a room. I want to walk into a room and discover who I am every single time. What I’ve learned in life is that we are a mirror of each other. As I speak to others, I hear from the universe my own truth. In this sense we heal each other, as we heal ourselves. Therefore, I speak clearly and I speak my truth from my past and life experiences creating a shift in the lives of those that I meet. It is impossible to share space with me and walk away the same. Knowing this, I leave a “peace” of me with everyone I meet.
My desire is not to motivate you to wake up tomorrow and do better. My desire is to transform the way that you perceive who you are today, so that every future day of your life will be experienced it in its full power.
~Shaun Jai
Are you ready to transform your life?
Shaun Jai is a transformational speaker. She speaks from her life experiences, the pain and the power. She has been known to be called a “quiet storm”.  Her mission is to leave a “peace” of herself in every room, with every guest. She speaks with authority, commanding her audience’s attention, as she delivers profound words to transform her listeners.
Shaun speaks about shifting your mindset, discovering your why, believing in the impossible, the power of ME, the starving entrepreneur, the guide to rediscovering your purpose, and so much more. She speaks to children, teens, and adults, encouraging them to transform their mindset and to take charge of their reality.
Shaun is available for...

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Youth Programs
  • Career Days
  • Discussion Panels
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    "From Pain to Power"... with special guest Tori Rose "The Connector This amazing young lady speaks about her journey from being kidnapped by her father, to being abused by her father, being homeless, and she even speaks about how the abuse followed her into her adult life. She is now working in the community to help other connect, heal, and grow... Listen for yourself!!!
  3. Smile Depression Campaign
    We were often said as a child "stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt". We were wrong!!! Words often times leaves greater scars than a pistol or a knife. #SmileDepression
  4. From Pain to Power
    From Pain to Power w/ co-authors of "Breaking Free Forever: The Momentous Journey"
  5. From Pain to Power with Jacqueleen Sykes
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